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June 20, 2014

Summertime Safety

It was the middle of the summer and one of those days where the sun’s heat was relentless.  Despite all that, my Dad urged me to go on an afternoon jog with him. As we finished our run at the north side of the island, where Sunset Park meets the Military Base, we were covered in sweat and in dire need of water.  


As we both drank generously from the water fountain, my dad suggested we take a dip in the ocean.  I only hesitated for a split second before a smile spread across my face. “Okay, let’s do it,” I exclaimed.  But before I could take action, my Dad broke out into a sprint towards the beach, yelling behind him, “Last one there’s a rotten egg!”  Laughing uproariously, I ran after him as fast as I could.


Once we reached the shoreline, we removed our shoes and shirts (I was in a sports bra, don’t worry) and headed for the water.  As my toes and feet entered the water, I remember thinking ‘holy crap! It’s cold!’ but I didn’t care. We had run full speed ahead, completely submerging our bodies under water.  


The initial shock of the ice cold water had passed and now we were floating casually through the ocean.  Moving our legs like egg-beaters, trying to stay afloat, just like I learned when I was a kid.  We were proud of ourselves for how well we were treading water while goofing around doing acrobatic tricks and flips.  


Next thing we know, several lifeguards were swimming towards us.  We looked away from the shore, expecting to see some people further out in the ocean that needed rescuing.  But oh no, they were heading directly for us. Not until they arrived did we know that we had been caught in a rip current.  The current had taken us at least 100 yards further down the beach from where we had started.  


At the time, I remember feeling mortified.  That was probably because I knew the lifeguard - a kid that was a few years younger than me in school.  Despite my embarrassment, my Dad kept me laughing as we were escorted to safety via lifeguard and bright orange rescue paddles.  When we arrived back at the beach, we were told that should we end up in that situation again, that swimming sideways, parallel with the shoreline is how to exit a rip current.  

I will never forget that day and the laughter that surrounded it.  A great memory shared with my Dad and a very important and useful tip for ocean safety.  Be safe this summer and be aware of your surroundings.



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June 18, 2014

Independence Day

If you asked the residents of Coronado what their favorite holiday is, I guarantee the majority of the answers will be the 4th of July.  Independence Day has special meaning in this tiny town.  I’m sure there is a giant influence given that half of the island is home to the U.S. military base. I’ve said it once before, and i will say it again: Coronado is FULL of American pride, embodying the essence of Independence Day.


In Crown City, many activities surround this momentous day in our country’s history.  Early in the morning of the 4th, a 5k run kick-starts the festivities. It always amazes me how many people show up for this run.  For many years I had intentions of doing the 5k run. However, celebrations from the night before have always gotten in the way.  When you don’t live in Coronado regularly, the 4th is the time to travel home and catch up with old friends. Almost everyone I know makes a huge effort to go home for the 4th.  Unfortunately for my running efforts, “catch-up” day happens to be on the 3rd.  After many beers, kamikazis and conversations, I am in no shape to run a 5k race at the butt crack of dawn.  


Once every runner has crossed the finish line, the town begins to buzz.  People are rising, walking around town decked out in red, white and blue, stars and stripes, bikinis, sunglasses and flipflops.  The median on Orange Ave is becoming packed and cars are restricted from using this main road.  While sipping coffee and filling our stomachs with a hearty breakfast, our bellies are fluttering with excitement for the festivities under way.


When the parade begins, just about everyone has risen from their beds - no matter what time they went to sleep the night before.  The sidewalk and median is filled with kids, going bananas over the slew of parade characters - smiles are permanently fixed on their faces.  That is until they crash and burn, in desperate need of a nap.  During these precious hours, parents get the chance to let loose and enjoy the party.  


The afternoon hours of the 4th are critical - cerveza drinking has no intention of slowing down, so having a big afternoon meal and lots of water is uber important. Because if you don’t, chances are you won’t make it past 7pm.  Which would be a shame since a few hours later, the fireworks show begins from Coronado Bay.  You can watch from your home or from the golf course - up close and personal.  


Coronado is the best place to be for Independence Day, I guarantee it.  Just be ready to go with the flow and enjoy this magical holiday in a magical town.



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June 16, 2014

Island Homes

Coronado has some of the most beautiful homes in the country.  I know, a very bold statement to make.  Of course I might be biased.  But prove me wrong if you must - there ought to be a reason why living in Coronado is a dream to so many.  


There are, of course, the factors of weather, safety and proximity.  But if these were the only objectives then why not live in LA or elsewhere throughout California?  I’ll tell you; that’s because Coronado is unique.  It is not a community where house after house bears the same architectural designs.  Obviously you will find many home is the Crown City that have resemblance but for the most part, there is individuality.  


Take many of the homes sitting on Ocean Avenue, for example.  These beach houses have varying characteristics - some with Cape Cod styles and others mainly constructed of brick.  There are plenty that have large decks surrounding the perimeter of the house, while the newer homes have maximized their space by building a rooftop deck, serving as a lookout point and the perfect place to sunbathe.  


Due to the warm California air, there is an abundance of stucco style houses that serve practically as well as they do visually.  Stucco is common in warmer parts of the world as it keeps the house cool during the day, not allowing the sun’s heat to penetrate its walls.  


If you take a tour around the island, you will find there are handfuls of projects happening at this very moment. There are several empty lots and recent additions to the town that are great for a vacation home.  If Coronado is where you want to be (and it should) then surely there is the perfect house, waiting to be yours.



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June 10, 2014

Trolley Tours

In Coronado, there are all kinds of tourist attractions.  One in particular is the Old Town Trolley Tours.  Don’t let the name Old Town throw you - this is just where the tour begins.  The trolleys take tourists on a sightseeing tour throughout San Diego, and Coronado is one of its destinations.  


Painted in orange and green, the old school trolley busses are hard to miss.  There are several routed tours, two of which make stops in Coronado. Sure, there are plenty of other ways to see Coronado - it’s small enough to ride a bike around or walk.  But the trolleys take passengers over the Coronado Bridge - definitely not something you can do via bicycle or on foot.  Of course, it is possible to drive yourself over the bridge, but honestly, how can one really enjoy the view while keeping their eyes on the road?


The nice thing about the trolley tours is that it works on a hop on hop off system.  This type of sightseeing method is very well known in cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Along each route, there are several stops where you can jump off the bus and visit whichever attraction is in front of you.  When finished, you can then wait for the next bus to come pick you up and take you to the next destination.  It’s up to you where you want to hop off and ultimately when you want to hop back on.


Since the Old Town Trolley Tours work on the hop on, hop off system, it is a great way to spend time getting to know Coronado.  Stroll along the beach, visit the beautiful Hotel Del or grab a burger and beer at McP’s - the trolleys make a stop right in front of this Coronado Irish Pub.



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June 8, 2014

The World Cup 2014

Four years ago, the World Cup took place in South Africa. I will never forget the

sound of those horns – the ever constant, low buzzing that filled the stadium

game after game. The fans cheering proudly in their seats bearing the colors of

their country – paint streaked across their faces and jerseys to match.


The fans were absolutely wild. But in the world of soccer, that’s to be expected.

I guess I would say that the United States is slightly behind when it comes to die

hard fans in masses. For most countries, futbol is the sh**! Excuse my language,

please. It’s the truth. This is their main sport – everywhere you go, you will see

children and adults playing pickup games of soccer. But when it comes to

Americans, you see a mixture of all types of sports – football, basketball,

baseball, lacrosse, etc. Catch my drift? It’s probably safe to say that Football

takes the lead when it comes to the number of fans.


The States may be a little behind when it comes to FIFA craze but the country is

nothing short of patriotic. Soccer isn’t America’s number one sport, but you bet

your a** that we will come around to support the team. I’m sure there are many

Americans who will be watching from the stands they’ll be

cheering loudly while vacationing in BRAZIL (lucky dogs!). Those who aren’t

fortunate enough to do either one of those things (damnit!), will still support the

team (and the cause) and there are many Americans who will be watching from

anywhere they can.


There’s definitely one place in Coronado where you can watch the World Cup:

Village Pizzeria. Whether or not your country is playing that day, it’s never a bad

idea to see who the competition is. First game is Thursday 12th June – Brazil vs

Croatia at 1pm. And team USA plays 16th June at 3pm. Get fired up!



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June 6, 2014

A Day To Remember: June 6th

Today, the 6th of June, marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  This historical day was the beginning to the end of WWII, but at the expense of many lives.  While watching BBC News, I learned that over 9,000 lives were lost in addition to 1,000+ missing soldiers on that fateful day.  The invasion of German-occupied Normandy Beach (today occupied by France) was and still remains the largest amphibious assault in history.

Originally, the United States was hesitant in getting involved in the war.  However, the unexpected attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 forced the military's hand.  Together with Britain and Canada, 24,000 troops landed on the targeted 50-mile stretch of the Normandy coast.  Unfortunately, June 6th was only the first day of the Invasion of Normandy - it continued on for weeks. 

Thanfully D-Day helped bring an end to WWII.  But I must say that it is very, extremely sad to know the number of soldiers who lost their lives - not only by the invasion of Normandy but also the invasions of German Nazis throughout Europe.  War is a terrible thing but fortunately these allied countries brought together a large number of courageous soldiers.

In Coronado, it is easy to see the patriotism throughout the town - espacially on a day like today.  American flags hang proudly from the majority of the homes, swaying and flapping in the wind.  We must always remember those who fought (and still fight) bravely for our freedom.  Thank you, American troops, you make us proud. 


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June 5, 2014

Coronado's Cycling Challenge

Coronado is a community where you can get everywhere by bike. That is, of

course, if you stay on the island. It’s not like you can bike to Fashion Valley for

some afternoon shopping. Take a trip to the grocery store, ride to get a coffee,

cycle the circumference of the island for some exercise. All of these things can

be done by bike. And the best part: Coronado is 1 square mile, which

means travel time is very short.


While you may not be able to cycle all the way to the Mall, there is a long bike

path that will provide you with more exercise that just the entirety of Coronado.

Going down Orange Avenue, heading south towards Mexico, you will find

yourself being lead down the Silver Strand. Along the Strand is the Loews

(hotel), The Cays (housing community) and a long stretch of beach.


The Strand highway consists of two lanes going in each direction (north/south).

On the east side of this narrow peninsula, connecting Coronado to San Diego,

the bike path leads you on an 8.5 mile ride towards Imperial Beach. This course

is proven to be challenging because you have the ocean breeze to contend with

– it’s not at your back going in either direction. It’s coming at you from

the side.


This Silver Strand path will be sure to rev up your engines and give you a

workout you’re sure to feel the next day. And I mean that in a good way! Being

sore from a workout can be a little unpleasant, however, the satisfaction of

knowing you had a grueling workout the day before is well worth it.



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June 5, 2014

June Gloom

While spending some time in Holland, I’m getting used to seeing a lot of grey

days. It doesn’t always mean the whole day is grey though. Many times, I wake

up in the morning to the sun blasting through the windows. Since it’s so bright

out, it always think it’s later than it actually is. My phone tells me it’s 5:30am – I

still have a few more hours to sleep.


By the time 8:30 rolls around, I am up and leaving the building for my morning

run. When I return, the haze has rolled in and is now blocking a clear path to the

sun. Throughout the day, there are spots of sunshine here and there. I am

thankful that it is at least warm (maybe even slightly humid) and I can finally wear

shorts and skirts again.


Much like the grey mornings I experience here, the same thing happens in

Coronado during the month of June. Except in the opposite rotation. The

mornings generally start with low-lying clouds and even misty air at times. The

mist tends to lightly move about in the early morning and dissipates after a few



By 11am, the haze that rolls in from the ocean – also called marine layer –

making you wonder whether the whole day will continue this way. But if you wait

it out for another hour or two, it all goes away. Might seem like a long process,

but it’s as if the sun is fighting with the morning haze. Slowly but surely, the sun

wins the battle and begins to peek through. As it reappears, it reminds you: Yes,

this is California and it’s magnificent weather. ‘June Gloom’ is only temporary.



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May 30, 2014


Not many things are better than ice cream on a hot summer day.  Walking into an ice cream parlor alone just brings relief from the steaming sun.  While waiting in line, your body welcomes the cool air and your mouth starts to water as your eyes scan over the selection of goodies.  It’s a good thing the line is long – you’re having a hard time deciding what to order because of the huge selections.

 Ice cream flavors that resemble the rainbow are laid out in big tubs, kept cold by the clear glass freezer box in front of you.  Your nose begins to go into overload as your eyes scan to find the source.  Behind the counter, you see several machines steaming.  As the light flashes on, one of the workers lifts the iron, revealing a perfectly round waffle.  Originally, you were thinking you would go with mint chocolate chip in a cup – it will be much easier to eat when it’s melting in the sun.  But now that you’ve seen and smelled a fresh cone, all your previous decisions have gone out the door. 

 Instead of the usual, you’ve decided to go with something different – strachitella, in a cone.  It doesn’t just end there.  You’ve also decided that you want to add some mixings but this too is a hard decision.  Reeses’, Kit-Kat, Gummy Bears (and worms), brownie, white chocolate chips and strawberries are just a few of the many options.  As you step up to the counter you make a last minute decision and go with bananas. Oh, and why not throw on some sprinkles too!

 It must be hard to deny that all of this sounds amazing.  Right?! Luckily, MooTime Creamery – located on 10th and Orange – will cure your summertime sweet tooth. 


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May 26, 2014

Art In the Park

Spreckels Park is not only used for concerts and for kids to run around.  It’s also where Art in the Park is held.  Art in the Park is where artists from all over San Diego bring their treasured creations to Coronado’s Spreckels Park and put them on display.

Art in the Park is a low key exhibit that contains all kinds of artistic products. Some artists choose oil or acrylics to paint across a canvas while others show off their excellent woodworking skills.  Beautiful stained glass and handmade ceramics are also among the fair, showing a wide range of talent.

Art in the Park is special because the artists who sell their works of art are selected by a 5-person jury.  This careful selection process means that the quality of such artwork is top tier.  Additionally, there is a requirement that the artists themselves must be present.  This makes for a special opportunity since buyers generally don’t have the pleasure of meeting the artist in the flesh.  

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, Art in the Park is filled with people who create beautiful and special art, and those who appreciate the artists’ creations.  Hours are between 9am and 4pm. 


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